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Introduction to the BibleAs a revered object of our faith, the Bible has a prominent place in many Catholic homes. However, its content and message have yet to cross the threshold of many a believer’s heart. In addition, many Catholics have studied the Bible but have yet to find a way to suitably pray with it and find hope in its message.

The Liguori Catholic Bible Study series helps Catholics renew their interest in Scripture, prayer, and the Church community.

Easy to understand. Insightful narratives relate Scripture to life.

Easy to use. Leaders have everything they need to comfortably and effectively lead the study.

Liguori Catholic Bible Study is designed not only to promote a deeper understanding of Scripture, but also the practice of Lectio Divina. Only by moving from the head to the heart does true conversion take root. We believe St. Alphonsus Liguori, founder of the Redemptorists, would want it no other way. This series introduces readers to the themes, events, and personalities of the Bible and serves as a historical survey of the books of the Bible and how they came to be. Most importantly, it contains an easy-to-use method to pray with Scripture. We invite you to review the sample selection of Introduction to the Bible. Click here to see the release schedule of all the books in the series. Its organization, questions for review at the end of each section, and instructions for group prayer and Lectio Divina provide a wholistic Bible Study program that answers the Church’s call for a more thorough immersion into the mysteries of the faith.

Biblia de Jerusalen¡Libros Liguori presenta una nueva Biblia dedicada a nuestra comunidad Latina!
Por primera vez una edición de la Biblia de Jerusalén Latinoamericana ¡y en tu idioma! Entre las versiones de las Sagradas Escrituras en nuestra lengua, la Biblia de Jerusalén tiene un sólido prestigio por la calidad de su traducción y por la profundidad de sus introducciones, notas y comentarios, de tal manera que es muy útil para la formación bíblica tanto de seminaristas, como de religiosos y laicos. Ahora ha querido dar un paso más y es el de preparar una versión latinoamericana, con un lenguaje más adaptado a nuestra manera de hablar el Español.

* Incluye introducciones, notas, paralelos y separadores
* Letra agrandada

* Translated from original Biblical language for a Latin American audience.
* In-depth introductions, notes and comments.
* Large-print edition.
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