How to Use Lectio Divina in Bible Study

In Latin, Lectio Divina literally means “divine reading.” It is an ancient Christian spiritual practice of reading Scripture with intentionality and devotion. This practice assists Christians to center themselves and descend to the level of the heart to enter an inner-focused quiet space, finding God. The Liguori Catholic Bible Study Series combines this traditional practice with a Bible study format to help readers better connect with the Word of God. Whether you have a Bible study group that would like to connect your Bible study with prayer, or a prayer group that would like to deepen their connection with the Word of God, the Liguori Catholic Bible Study has what you need.

Devina PamphletShare more about Lectio Divina with all your Bible Study participants with this pamphlet from Liguori Publications.

Though Lectio Divina took shape in a variety of forms through the centuries, its roots are in early monasticism and the desert fathers. It was used mostly in the more literate religious communities through the centuries but is growing in popularity among laity, religious, and ecumenical groups today.

How do you pray with the Bible? Learn about the history of Lectio Divina and how to pray with sacred Scripture in this pamphlet. We invite you to consider this prayer form and use it through prayer and study as you grow in wisdom and understanding of the word of God.

Lectio Divina: How to Pray Sacred Scripture

Br. Dan Korn, CSsR

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